picMany villa accommodation in Seminyak area to chose from luxury villa to budget accommodation. Seminyak is located at next to Kuta beach, just 35 minutes from Bali's International Airport. It is well known as a chic area.


Once you step your feet at Seminyak area, you will be amazed by all people that walks around from shops to boutique. At the beach for instant while you lay down on the beach, sun bathing and you may have a traditional massage, there some personal trader who carries the merchandize everywhere will come near to your set. Try to practice your bargaining "skill", since to bargain or ask for better price is a must, because that is the fun thing for the activity, and the goods they are offer mostly allow to be bargained. But even they are a personal trader, they have a good organization where only trader who has a member card and know how to do it well and politely are allow to join the group and they have certain place where that location is the only place for them to do their activity. "Buy One Sir" or " Buy One Mam" that is the words come out from their mouth to do their promotion, to attract visitor to see what they have and invite visitor to buy.


Move to Legian area, for those of you surfer merchandize lover, here you can find heaven on earth for you. Your heaven Body & Soul specialize in providing surfer cloth either classy one or local production. The collections start from street wear, evening wear, swim wear and active wear with a reasonable price. Still in Legian street, Surfer Girl will spoil the ladies surfer. Why? Since all accessories and clothing requirement is available here for all over ladies body ever need, start from hair until finger toe, special for ladies who want to be in style. International trade mark like Roxy, Reef, Billabong, Stussy, Quicksilver, Astec Rose until Rip Curl with a guarantee for original and quality of their product. A shop with a logo "Summer" a lady with hair tide up in to two part to each side of the head, also provide surfboard special for the ladies. But those of you gentlemen don't be jealous yet, since special for you there's Blue Groove Shop special to provide all men's need. Still at Legian street find Start Surf, The Station, also the Curl with all of their selection of Surfing Cloth. For you who very fans to the unique and specialies of Hawai, Da Hui has a good reputation for the complete collection for surfing needs and with it's special character of Hawai. Move your feet to Padma Street if you want to have this experience.