spa villa-seminyak

Traditional Balinese Massage
Traditional massage has been passed down through generations, hands on healing techniques is applied with a combination of skin rolling, long kneading strokes acupressure and reflexology, with a blend of flower oil ans specially selected herbs, the muscles are warmed with the use of gentle palm pressure.


Aromatherapy Massage 1, 5 hours
This subtle and aromatic experience awakens the body senses using foot reflexology and lymphatic strokes which are designed to strengthen the body's healing potential. Enhancing the experience, the aroma from essential oils is released, having a subtle but real effect on the mind, and via the senses, on the body.


Four Hand Energy Points ( 2Therapist )
Lemongrass – scented warm water bath to refresh and cleans the body, followed with a warm towel. Then, a Hawaiian massage with two therapists for one guest, a very relaxing massage that combines Hawaiian lomi-lomi with Javanese style kneading with aromatherapy oils.


A specialized foot massage assisting in the relief of stress and tension help to improve blood and nerve supply fostering restoration of the body's natural state of equilibrium.


Royal Therapeutic Package
Designed to relieve tensions aches and specific muscle tightness using the Balinese massage with a blend of warm coconut oil. A Balinese polish called boreh (fresh ginger & clove extract) is used to warm, energize and stimulate blood circulation. Lastly you will enjoy a warm solution of pandanus water, fresh aromatic herbs, roots and leaves.


Spa Package (Javanese Lulur)
Beginning with a relaxing traditional massage, the next step is to exfoliate the skin. A Javanese polish, called lulur is gently rubbed all over, smoothing the skin on your body. This is followed by a fresh body milk to nourish the skin and finally, a bath of exotic Balinese – java herbs and flowers.


Exotic Bali Pure
Beginning with a relaxing facial treatment to gently cleanse away dead cells and dirt, then a cleansing for your ears with ear candle treatment. Included is a manicure and pedicure which leaves you relaxed and beautiful from head to toe.